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Lighting Design & Layout

Thoughtfully-designed lighting can enhance all facets of human experience. Not only can it define space, material and object but it can also affect our perception, feelings and well-being. Modern day lighting has embraced this notion as today, a prototypical “modern” facility epitomizes a combination of function and form without sacrificing efficiency.

At True LED USA, we are dedicated to discovering, optimizing and implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions for all types of projects. We design lighting such emes that fully integrate with the architecture, provide visual comfort and are adapted to the needs of the end-user while bringing to life functional spaces that promote inspiration and energy

Comprehensive Lighting Audit

We assess and study a lighting system’s energy usage to pinpoint over expenditures and suggest efficient alternative design.

Lighting Design and Layout

We design a functional and optimal lighting layout by leveraging state-of-the-art lighting design program, DiaLUX Evo.

Photometric Analysis

We evaluate and analyze lighting levels of a given space to validate optimal lighting configuration and distribution.

Value Engineering

We provide the best cost-toperformance luminaire that meets the necessary functions and requirements of any lighting projects.

Manufacturing & Distribution

LED Lighting Manufacturing & Distribution

In addition to our increasing industrial and commercial lighting portfolio, we also offer custom manufacturing services tailored to your needs. Leverage our sourcing and manufacturing infrastructure to offer your own line or high quality LED lighting products to your customer network.

Contract Manufacturing

Whether you’re an electrical contractor looking to install lighting with your name or a dropshipper looking to sell a private brand online, True LED USA can accommodate your needs. With True LED USA, you can launch your LED lighting brand with ease.

OEM / ODM Manufacturing

From Custom LED fixture design to fabrication of lighting fixtures, comp onents and accessories, True LED USA’s vast network of manufacturing infrastructures can help bring your lighting idea to life.

Supply Chain Management

True LED USA will handle the entire supply chain management process of any projects, from raw material sourcing to storage and delivery of a ssembled LED lighting fixtures at the project site.

Turnkey LED Lighting Conversion

Turnkey LED Lighting Conversion

Our 6-point, turnkey LED lighting conversion and retrofit process includes full audit inspection to post installation maintenance, and guarantees maximum return on investment without you having to worry about material scheduling, contractor management, rebate administration or project funding.